About Us

Established in 1952, Kayali Jewelry remains one of the leading jewelers in Jordan. With every jewelry piece meticulously designed and crafted with higher quality diamonds at more competitive prices than other establishments, it is no surprise that Kayali Jewelry continues to be a highly favored local jeweler. With branches in Um Uthaina and Sweifieh, Kayali Jewelry is never too far away from you. Should you need a piece for a special occasion or just for fun, Kayali Jewelry remains eternally yours.






When you shop at Kayali Jewelry you will find that we always have a fine selection of diamond jewelry that is suitable for everyday or that special occasion. In addition to wedding and engagement sets, Kayali Jewelry offers a great selection of jewelry suitable for everyday and every special occasion you can think of, as well as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and all occasions.



If you are shopping for bridal rings each of our stores has a wide selection of wedding and engagement rings and sets to choose from. Different colors of gold, and of course different diamond settings can all be found at all of our locations. This gives everyone who is looking for that perfect jewelry an opportunity to find exactly what they want.


In addition to Kayali Jewelry's private label, Kayali Jewelry offers jewelry from renowned international jewelers such as: