Kayali Jewelry launches its very first jewelry design award competition in Jordan together with reputable partners namely the German University, the Amman Design Institute and the Dezain Space from Zain.

The objective of this competition is to highlight and support jewelry designers in Jordan while offering mentorship & guidance for them to grow.

This is a call for all jewelry designers, students or amateurs in Jordan (together referred to as “Participants”). Kayali Jewelry is offering a stage to showcase new talents. Join the Competition and see if you have what it takes to be singled out as one of the top new jewelry designers in Jordan.

All you need to do is sketch a set of gold & precious stones jewelry composed of 1 1 pair of earrings, 1 necklace, 1 bracelet and 1 ring under the theme “Symbol of Love” (the “Sketch”). A jury will select the 10 best designers who will get the chance to enter a brief mentorship program to learn more and perfect their sketches under the guidance of experts in the field. The duration and type of the mentorship will be determined by Kayali Jewelry. Ultimately, another round of vote will occur to elect the best 3 designers.

Cash Prizes
• 1st place – 2,000 JOD cash
• 2nd place – 1,000 JOD cash
• 3rd place – 500 JOD cash

In addition to the cash prizes above, the three winners will receive the following courses and support offered by Kayali Jewelry and the Partners:
- Joining Dezain network of mentors, sponsorships and opportunities
- Joining a Jewelry making course from the Amman Design Institute
- Joining a Photography Session at the German University

Kayali Jewelry is also committed to give the winning set a good exposure by creating a social media campaign around them, the details of which will be determined by Kayali Jewelry at its sole discretion.

Applications are now officially open for the KAYALI JEWELRY DESIGN AWARD 2023. Join the competition and see if you have what it takes to be singled out as one of the top jewelry designers in Jordan. The competition is open to students and amateurs, from 18 years old and resident in Jordan.

Step 1 – Download the template on which you will draw your sketch on our website [link]
Step 2 – Create a hand sketch design or CAD (computer aid design) of a jewelry set composed of a necklace, earing and a ring under the theme “Symbol of Love”
Step 3 - Register on Kayali Jewelry's website to enter the competition. Make sure to enter all mandatory information and submit the documents required
 - Hand sketch design or CAD (computer aid design) on the template form (sketch on template,
 - Your picture
 - ID copy
Incomplete or incorrect submission will not be admitted.
Step 4 – Make sure to agree on all these Terms & Conditions to finally complete your registration

Start date
January 15th 2023

Time period for submission
January 15th – January 31st 2023

Jury Round #1
February 2nd 2023 / announcement of the 10 semi-finalists

Mentorship Program
From February 3rd till February 11th 2023

Jury Round #2
February 12th 2023 / Reveal of the 10 final designs & start of the online vote until February 15th

Winners Announcement
February 20th / Announcement of the 3 finalists


Mr. Ahmad Samara

 Kayali Jewelry, General Manager

Ms. Tamam Shaban

German University

Mr. Shamekh Bluwi & Mrs. Sima Najjar

Dezain Space from ZAIN

Ms. Aya Barqawi 

Photographer and content creator 

Ms. Randa Jabaji

Design Institute Amman, Founder / Director

Mr. Shamekh Bluwi & Mrs. Sima Najjar

Dezain Space from ZAIN

  • ROUND 1
    On February 2nd 2023, the jury will designate the 10 semi-finalists who will be mentored to compete and 3 of them will get the chance to be the finalists of the 2023 Kayali Jewelry Design Award.
  • ROUND 2
    On February 20th 2023, the jury together with a share of 30% given to the public vote (online) through the website of Kayali to will elect & announce the 3 winners of the competition.

MENTORSHIP PROGRAMBetween the two rounds of the jury selection, a mentorship program is tailored and offered to the 10 shortlisted participants. The aim of this mentorship program is to enhance the Participants’ knowledge about jewelry design & jewelry making thanks to our experts from Kayali jewelry and the Partners. The details of the program will be determined by Kayali Jewelry subject to its sole discretion, but will be focused on the following areas:
 - Design development (Design Institute and German University)
- Rendering (Design Institute) - Photography (German University)
- Business of jewelry making (Kayali Jewelry)
- Jewelry making demo (Design Institute) - How to start a brand and product life cycle (Dezain)
- Social media for brands talk (Photographer and content creator Aya Barqawi & Dezain)

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENTOn February 21st, the winners will be announced online on Kayali’s website or any other website chosen by it.
The said announcement shall be final, irrevocable and not subject to any form of contest or objection.