Perhaps that is all we have in common, because truth is: no two women are the same.
You hear people say that women are confident, empowered, from Venus. Not all of them are. Some are strong-willed; others are intelligent. Some are shy; others are athletic. Some have changed the world; others have changed their world.
Yet, through our individual, unique stories, we relate to each other. That we are women means we are a collective. That we are different means we are powerful.
Through the lens of photographer Farras Oran, the stories of inspiring women are transformed into living works of art. Together, we take an insightful and real journey into each woman’s ambition, challenges and successes.
These women remind us of our individual and collective power, and for that we are grateful.


Amani Qaddoumi

 Amani Qaddoumi, a Jordanian woman of passion and aspiration.
A brand designer, a mother of three and a constant believer that every talent can make it through proper branding.

Qaddoumi leaves an everlasting mark in any design endeavor she engages in, one could describe her work as a marriage of minimalism and fun.

She finds inspiration in people, anything and everything, wandering in the streets of Amman and the world; it gives her the inspiration for expressing emotions in her works of design.

Driven by empowering others through teaching and mentoring, Amani Qaddoumi never hesitates to share her experience with anyone and everyone...


"السعادة بالعطاء، بجبر الخواطر، بالتعليم وتسليح الناس"
 أماني قدومي

مصممة إبداعية، أم لثلاثة أطفال، ومؤمنة دائماً بأن كل موهبة يمكنها تحقيق النجاح من خلال التصميم الناجح للعلامة التجارية

تجد إلهامها في الناس، في أي شيء وكل شيء، من تجوالها في شوارع عمان والعالم. مما يمنحها القدرة على التعبير
عن المشاعر في أعمالها التصميمية

... أماني مندفعة بتمكين الآخرين من خلال التدريب والتوجيه الإبداعي ولا تتردد أبدًا في مشاركة تجربتها مع الجميع

The beautiful 
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